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About us


Wrocław Centre of Support for Non- Governmental Organizations „SECTOR 3”

Sector 3 is an incubator for Non-Governmental Organizations. We’ve been working since April 2007. We’re running „The Umbrella Foundation”, which supports Non-Governmental Organizations. It is a public service, financed by the Wrocław Municipality.

Establishing, financing and operating centre „Sector 3” is a proof that the civic dignitaries in Wrocław appreciate the role played by NGO’s in our city. What’s more, it is also a proof that the local government and the active citizens can co-operate to make their city a better place.


We bear it in mind that activity of the citizens is the cornerstone of a democratic society. We support the establishment and development of Non-Governmental Organizations and citizens' initiatives, as well. That’s the reason why we educate, advise and make our place and equipment available to everyone who needs it. We help everyone who has already started or just wants to start working in NGO’s.

Our assistance is free!

First and foremost, we support the NGO’s in Wrocław while they are being established. „Sector 3” is a place for integration, exchange of experience and co-operation between NGO’s in Wrocław. Additionally, we arrange civic debates and meetings with members of the local government.


We offer:

  1. Comprehensive trainings focusing on foundation and operating of NGO’s. We explain how to establish a foundation or an association, how to fundraise, how HR can be managed, how to establish a team… – every month we provide new training.
  2. Personal advice services focusing on law, accountancy, fundraising, running the organization, completing projects, evaluation, international cooperation, volunteering, providing training, branding and Public Relations.
  3. Setting up the Local Activity. We fully support the NGO’s building local activity! We run  Incubator for Civic Activity, arrange meetings, teach how to solve some local problems and support bottom-up initiatives.
  4. We rent rooms for free. We can rent three rooms for trainings, one IT room and one conference hall, even on weekends! Rooms are free for NGO’s.
  5. We make workplaces for NGO’s available. We also make our address, address of correspondence and phone number available.
  6. Updating list of contacts on our website:
  7. Information from and about NGO’s in Wrocław – we send information in newsletter and publish them on our website and the fanpage.
  8. We support people who want to work in NGO’s. Read more on:
  9. We run a library in our place, online library and crossbooking point. Read more on:


Contact us:

Wrocław Center of Supporting Non-Governmental Organizatins „Sector 3”

54-206 WROCŁAW, Legnicka Street 65

phone: +48 71 359-75-00

fax: +48 71 359-75-01

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Wrocław Center of Supporting Non-Governmental Organizations „Sector 3” is being run by „The Umbrella Foundation”. It is co-financed by the Wrocław community.